Proven Track Record

Cora Capital Advisors comprises financial professionals with over a century of combined experience in wealth management. This experience has led to a collective understanding of how to best assist clients in achieving their financial goals.

Over time, the partners of Cora Capital Advisors have developed a disciplined process in working with clients to deliver objective financial advice. This process leads to an in-depth understanding of our clients’ financial situations and allows us to become an integral part of helping clients plan for a secure financial future. As a result, our client retention stands at 99% on an annual basis.

Our financial planning process is designed to address every aspect of our clients’ financial life. We believe in our holistic approach; utilizing professionals with different areas of expertise is the most effective and beneficial way to deliver financial advice. Financial decision-making often includes unintended consequences. By working with our clients in a proactive manner, we can help our clients make the most appropriate financial decisions for their unique situations.