Executive Compensation

Capital Advisors helps you navigate the complexities of your executive compensation. We work to optimize your compensation package by providing recommendations regarding deferred compensation, qualified and non-qualified savings plans, as well as stock options and specialty holdings, such as pre-IPO or restricted stock.

Executive compensation packages serve as an important wealth-building tool for many of our clients. Whether you’re an executive at a Fortune 500 Company or you own your own business, executive compensation plans can often serve as the cornerstone of a sound retirement plan. The decisions surrounding executive compensation packages have a significant impact on the company and its employees. At Cora Capital Advisors, our tax, retirement and investment professionals can assist you in navigating the complexities of executive compensation plans.

Our holistic approach to financial planning is designed to address the effects of receiving executive compensation. Whether it’s stock options, restricted stock units or deferred compensation, our professionals can help you determine how these tools are best utilized to achieve your retirement goals.