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  • 2018 Tax Brief for Pass Through Entities

    Finally, a single piece of legislation was released which merged together the differences in tax reform from both the House and Senate.  This tax brief highlights the changes that would affect pass-through entities, known as S Corporations, LLC Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships. This brief is not meant to be a comprehensive look at the Act, but a rundown of the major points that impact our individual clients. This data, provided by Baratz & Associates, P.A., is for informational purposes only. Please click on the link to access the document.      

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  • 2018 Tax Briefs

    Like you, we at Cora Capital Advisors have been keeping an eye on the recently enacted tax reforms. Our financial planners know you may need to make some decisions as a result of the changes. Some of those tax planning and investment decisions may need to be made before 2018. We have worked with the CPAs at Baratz & Associates to provide the following tax briefs. Please realize they are not comprehensive documents, but a highlight of key changes affecting both individuals and businesses. The reforms are complicated, and some provisions phase out over time. We may be contacting you…

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